Sunday, February 9, 2014

You're One In A MINION!

Love those Minions? Here's a Great Idea for a Valentine's Day treat!

You will need: 
  1. Milano cookies
  2. black icing for the eye strap and mouth
  3. blue icing for the clothing
  4. candy eyes or Sweet Tarts
  5. small bags to put them in if you want to wrap them individually
  6. stapler
  7. cardstock paper for the tag

  • Make straps for the eyes with the black icing, and then put one of the candy eyes in it. 
  • Draw the mouth. 
  • Use the blue icing for the clothing. 
  • Let all of that sit for an hour or so, until the icing has hardened enough to put your minions into the bag. 
  • Seal each bag, and then fold your paper tag in half. 
  • Staple that to the top and you are done! 


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